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Regularly consulted by the media for insight into business trends and technology, Dan has been featured in hundreds of print, on-line and on-air pieces including:

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Dec 2014 - Crain's: Web-TV startup Aereo bags $34M in funding

Dec 2014 - USA Today: Will Time Warner Cable bid spur consolidation?

Dec 2014 - E-Commerce Times: Time Warner Cable Gives Charter Cold Shoulder

Dec 2014 - Ecommerce Times: The Net Neutrality Ruling: All Sound and Fury?

Dec 2014 - USA Today: Netflix 4Q income grows six-fold as new members rush in

Dec 2014 - CNET: Apple said to build its own content delivery network

Dec 2014 - ZDNet: Apple eyes CDN build-out; Akamai may take revenue hit

Dec 2014 - Huff Post: Is Your Netflix Slow? This May Be Why

Dec 2014 - MarketWatch: Biggest loser in Time Warner Cable deal may be you

Dec 2014 - Fortune: Comcast-Time Warner Cable: The real winners and losers

Dec 2014 - WSJ: Getting More Cable TV for Less

Dec 2013 - Marketplace Tech: Rumors of Intel's entry into TV grow

Dec 2013 - LA Times: Is Aereo a thrifty pay-TV option or a fix in search of a problem?

Dec 2013 - MarketWatch: Competition for streaming video heats up

Dec 2013 - Marketwatch: How Ending Saturday Mail Will Cost Consumers

Dec 2013 - LA Biz: Aereo is expanding, but will it attract an audience?

Dec 2013 - MIT Tech Review: Watch Out for the Startup Using Tiny Antennas

Dec 2013 - Wired: You Are Watching Machinima, the Future of TV

Dec 2013 - FOX Business: Growth Slows, Competition Increases for Internet Middlemen

Dec 2013 - Internet Retailer: Streaming video services get creative

Dec 2013 - Why cable TV bills are only going up

Dec 2013 - The Verge: would Fox really leave the free airwaves to undercut Aereo?

Dec 2013 - Huff Post: Spotify Aggressively Courting New Subscribers Before Google, Apple Enter Streaming Market

Dec 2013 - Boston Globe: Aereo brings controversial TV service to Boston

Dec 2013 - USA Today: YouTube to launch subscription plan for some channels

Dec 2013 - Boston Globe: TV-via-Internet company seeks a legal thumbs up

Dec 2013 - Washington Post: YouTube paid channels officially launch

Dec 2013 - Washington Post: With new YouTube channels, RLJ hopes to reach broader audiences

Dec 2013 - New Challengers Emerging for Content Delivery Networks

Dec 2013 - Business Week: Machinima Wants to Build a Media Empire on Video-Game Videos

Dec 2013 - Network World: Amazon and Netflix: competitors who need each other

Dec 2013 - San Francisco Chronicle: Google introduces Chromecast streaming device

Dec 2013 - Huffington Post: How Chromecast Stacks Up Against Roku and Apple TV

Dec 2013 - Huffington Post: Chromecast Review: At $35, You Can't Go Wrong

Dec 2013 - Ad Age: Aereo Wants TV to be Free-ish, but New Ruling Sets up Supreme Court Battle

Dec 2013 - WGBH: Would You Get Paid To Watch Commercials?

Dec 2013 - Business Week: Roku's Survival Will Take More Than Beating Apple TV

Dec 2013 - Huff Post: Roku Refreshes Lineup As Google, Apple Ramp Up Competition

Dec 2013 - PBS: Netflix Wins Emmy Awards, Faces Threats from Netflix, Fox-Comcast

Dec 2013 - WSJ: Researchers Stumble On Growing Google Firepower

Dec 2013 - USA Today: Blockbuster to close U.S. retail stores, mail DVD operation

Dec 2013 - Mediapost: Blockbuster Busts

Dec 2013 - Ecommerce Times: New Netflix TV Look Clears Out the Clutter

Dec 2013 - Marketplace Tech: PS4 vs. Xbox One: The battle for the couch

Dec 2013 - MarketWatch: Why cable TV bills are only going up

Dec 2013 - The Deal: Telecoms seek content delivery network deals

Dec 2012 - Tempe-based company key in online services

Dec 2012 - CNET: Amazon to distribute UltraViolet films for Warner Bros.

Dec 2012 - Home Media Magazine: Analyst Blasts Pricing on Paramount

Dec 2012 - Star Tribune: Sports broadcaster finds online audience

Dec 2012 - CNET: Netflix Q4 profit beats reduced expectations, stock jumps

Dec 2012 - CBS News: Netflix customers return in 4Q; stock soars 16 pct

Dec 2012 - Cable TV on the Cheap

Dec 2012 - Washington Post: Netflix shares up despite profit drop as 600,000 subscribers join

Dec 2012 - Verizon, Redbox combine to start streaming video service

Dec 2012 - CNET: Amazon adds Viacom shows, expands streaming selection

Dec 2012 - Consumers Digest: Content is key for Redbox-Verizon streaming service

Dec 2012 - How to Get TV (Nearly) Everywhere

Dec 2012 - Home Media Magazine: UltraViolet About to Get Walmart Assist?

Dec 2012 - CNET: For Apple TV, subscription video service still missing

Dec 2012 - CNET: Hollywood hopes Walmart will seed UltraViolet cloud

Dec 2012 - CNET: Wal-Mart unveils disc-to-digital service powered by Vudu

Dec 2012 - ADWEEK: Walmart to Rip DVDs for Consumers With TV/Film Industry Partnership Ultraviolet

Dec 2012 - San Antonio News: NewTek opens European office

Dec 2012 - USA Today: Flood of video streaming options could confound TV watchers

Dec 2012 - Why Amazon Wants Your Old CDs

Dec 2012 - NPR: Marley documentary to stream on Facebook while in theaters

Dec 2012 - NYT: Start-Up Aims to Stream Pay TV Onto Web Devices

Dec 2012 - Hollywood and Wal-Mart: Keeping Their Fingers in the Dike

Dec 2012 - CBS News: Consumers Flooded With Streaming Entertainment Options

Dec 2012 - WIRED: Google and Netflix Make Land Grab On Edge Of Internet

Dec 2012 - The Digital Skeptic: Netflix's Flat Fee Model Is Flat Broken

Dec 2012 - Huffington Post: Aereo Threatens Broadcasters By Streaming Network TV Online

Dec 2012 - SNL: Analysts take on Netflix's Olympics claim, warn of dire future for company

Dec 2012 - Computerworld: DeepField Networks exits stealth mode to reveal cloud service

Dec 2012 - MSN Money: Should you cut the cable cord?

Dec 2012 - LA Times: Aereo is destined to fail, media analyst predicts

Dec 2012 - Bloomberg TV: Analyst Says Aereo Has `No Shot of Surviving'

Dec 2012 - Aereo's Barry Diller sues to squash copycat Barry Driller

Dec 2012 - NYT: For a Fee, Streaming Local TV

Dec 2012 - Network World: Juniper dumps BitGravity CDN tech

Dec 2012 - CNN Money: You can forget about better TV

Dec 2012 - NY Post: Amazon

Dec 2012 - MSN: Will Disney deal raise Netflix prices?

Dec 2011 - Home Media Magazine: Blu-ray Thrives, Despite Growing Digital Bandwagon

Dec 2011 - WSJ: Comcast Wins Regulatory Approval for NBC Deal

Dec 2011 - CNET: If Hulu loses CEO, who would want that gig?

Dec 2011 - CNET: Amazon streams free movies to Prime members

Dec 2011 - NY Post: Amazon vs. Netflix

Dec 2011 - Smart Money: Online TV and Movies Get Cheaper

Dec 2011 - Direct Marketing News: Experts doubt potential of video streaming initiatives

Dec 2011 - ClickZ: Two Acquisitions Alter Dynamics Among Web TV Guides

Dec 2011 - NPR Radio: Competition For Online Video Content Heats Up

Dec 2011 - NPR: Expansion Strategy, Amazon Deepens Digital Reach

Dec 2011 - Amazon tops service charts

Dec 2011 - The Star-Ledger: Blockbuster auction marks end of era in movie rentals

Dec 2011 - SmartMoney: The Problem With Apple

Dec 2011 - Variety: Netflix pricing hike could spur churn

Dec 2011 - Wall Street Journal: Netflix Plays Down DVDs

Dec 2011 - WSJ: Netflix Customers Subscribe to Unlimited Screaming

Dec 2011 - Cordcutters: Roku, WD and Playstation

Dec 2011 - CNET: Netflix streaming gets major overseas expansion

Dec 2011 - SmartMoney: Not Netflix: Better Sites for Movie Bargains

Dec 2011 - Roku 2 Internet TV box adds gaming, more channels, subtitles

Dec 2011 - Hulu takes center stage

Dec 2011 - Chicago Tribune: Airlines experiment with streaming video

Dec 2011 - Netflix expects revenue to fall in third quarter

Dec 2011 - Inc. Magazine: Who Will Buy Hulu?

Dec 2011 - CNET: A defense of charging more for Web TV (Q&A)

Dec 2011 - CNET: Wave goodbye to free Internet

Dec 2011 - Hulu valuation faces risks from networks

Dec 2011 - Apple, Google, Yahoo: Which would be good match for Hulu?

Dec 2011 - CNET: TW Cable loses 4 percent of home-video subscribers

Dec 2011 - The Boston Globe: Akamai shares fall on growth warning

Dec 2011 - Los Angeles Times: Airlines experiment with streaming video

Dec 2011 - Boston Business Journal: Brightcove's IPO filing: No video gold rush expected

Dec 2011 - Netflix Vs. Amazon: A Battle for Online Streaming

Dec 2011 - CNET: Amazon fires on Netflix with new Kindle tablet

Dec 2011 - LA Times: Netflix loses more U.S. subscribers than predicted

Dec 2011 - Where Are Video Watchers Going?

Dec 2011 - Gizmodo: Amazon

Dec 2011 - NPR: Netflix Stock Down 75 Percent From Its July Peak

Dec 2011 - New York Times: An Online Answer to the DVR

Dec 2011 - Netflix:

Dec 2011 - New York Times: Occupy Video Showcases Live Streaming

Dec 2011 - Wall Street Journal: Akamai

Dec 2010 - The Revolution Will Be Webcast

Dec 2010 - eCommerceTimes: Walmart Buys Vudu, Takes Another Stab at Online Movie Distribution

Dec 2010 - Marketing VOX: Slow Scion Ad Illustrates Promise and Peril of Next Gen Ads

Dec 2010 - Some on Wall Street wonder if Netflix has peaked

Dec 2010 - Smart Money: The Best Movie-Rental Options

Dec 2010 - San Antonio News: Blockbuster is closingtwo of its S.A. stores

Dec 2010 - Google TV's challenge: convincing US on convergence

Dec 2010 - Netflix is the big loser in Postal Service changes

Dec 2010 - San Francisco Chronicle: YouTube's answer to copyright fight

Dec 2010 - WSJ: Brightcove Completes New Financing Round

Dec 2010 - Britain Can't Get Enough of Online Videos

Dec 2010 - Rental Options for Movie Gallery Orphans

Dec 2010 - Apple-Adobe Flash feud helps video solutions companies

Dec 2010 - PC Sonic-DiVX Deal Could Face Legal Challenge

Dec 2010 - Renting Movies at the Airport

Dec 2010 - CABLE360: VOD Tech Drives Deeper, Wider Into Multiple Platforms

Dec 2010 - Salt Lake Tribune: Tech giants, Utah companies try to cash in on Internet TV

Dec 2010 - AP: Hulu launches $10 video subscription service

Dec 2010 - Ecommerce Times: Hulu Cranks Up the Volume With New Premium Service

Dec 2010 - ScrippsNews: Internet TV will be big part of future, but no one knows when

Dec 2010 - Ecommerce Times: Netflix Widens Its Stream With Relativity Media Deal

Dec 2010 - SNL: The pros, cons and prospects for Hulu Plus

Dec 2010 - Competing models and other obstacles for online video

Dec 2010 - SNL: The promises, potential pitfalls of TV Everywhere

Dec 2010 - SNL: The Hulu stands alone

Dec 2010 - Ustream live video site courts entertainment industry

Dec 2010 - Bloomberg: Akamai Tumbles Most in a Year After Posting Narrower Second-Quarter Margin

Dec 2010 - Crain's: Marketing firm buys company with networking skills

Dec 2010 - Apple to Press Set-Top Reset Button With iTV

Dec 2010 - BusinessWeek: As Streaming Prices Drop, a Bet on High-Def

Dec 2010 - SNL: Dreaming of Netflix streaming abroad

Dec 2010 - Hollywood Reporter: Cable's decline an incentive for Yahoo, Hulu deal

Dec 2010 - eWeek: Looking For Work? Try Online Video

Dec 2010 - Daniweb: Apple CEO Jobs Announces TV Rentals, Expert Says TV Not Dead Yet

Dec 2010 - LA Business Journal: Video Sites Seek Piece of TV

Dec 2010 - Kiosk Marketplace: Coinstar

Dec 2010 - YouTube Gives Live Streaming a Spin

Dec 2010 - Ecommerce Times: Blockbuster Seeks Fresh Start With Bankruptcy Plan

Dec 2010 - San Antonio News: Analysts say Internet TV is no cable killer

Dec 2010 - Apple TV: Good news and bad

Dec 2010 - Windows Phone 7 to Get the U-verse Bump

Dec 2010 - CNET: Where does Google TV go from here?

Dec 2010 - Home Media Magazine: Comcast Denies It Wants to Block Netflix

Dec 2010 - Home Media Magazine: Airlines Soar Above Windows

Dec 2010 - Denver Post: Battle for America's TVs underway

Dec 2010 - Forbes: Set-Top Streaming: Signs of Growth?

Dec 2009 - This year, call it the Connecting Entertainment Show

Dec 2009 - Obama Makes Internet History: Sets Record for Streaming Online Video

Dec 2009 - Limelight Networks launches new platform to deliver web content

Dec 2009 - ZDNet: Is Cisco ready to pounce on the CDN market?

Dec 2009 - Is Akamai Doomed?

Dec 2009 - E-Commerce Times: Speculation Sizzles Over Google's On2 Buy

Dec 2009 - Home Media Magazine: Little Interest in Paying for Networked Set-Top Box

Dec 2009 - The Salt Lake Tribune: New CEO says Move Networks Has Advantage...

Dec 2009 - Chicago Tribune: Blockbuster, Motorola make play for small, small screen

Dec 2009 - Tech News World: Bing Aims to Pull Visual Search Into Focus

Dec 2009 - Smart Money: Video Store Closed? How to Rent Movies Now

Dec 2009 - TelephonyOnline: Networks alone not enough for carriers to compete in CDN

Dec 2009 - Tech News World: Qualcomm's FLO TV Gets a Handheld All Its Own

Dec 2009 - Google, Microsoft and Twitter's Golden Egg

Dec 2009 - New Star Radio Interview: How Old Media Is Embracing New Media

Dec 2009 - eWeek: Brightcove 4 Supports iPhone, Google Analytics

Dec 2009 - Philadelphia Inquirer: Fishing the online stream

Dec 2009 - Ecommerce Times: 'Revolutionary' Music-Video Site Falters at Launch

Dec 2009 - ClickZ: Embedded Video in E-mail Slows to a Trickle as Brands Back Away

Dec 2009 - San Antonio Express News: Tough video rental market

Dec 2009 - xchange: Amazon, Wowza Nod Streaming Media Breakthroughs

Dec 2008 - Online HDTV - Hype, Not Reality TV Yet

Dec 2008 - ECommerce News: Amazon Launches New Content Delivery Service

Dec 2008 - Tech News World: Amazon's New Service to Rain Content From the Cloud

Dec 2008 - Telephony Online: Verizon

Dec 2008 - Amazon CloudFront: No Threat to the Incumbents

Dec 2008 - CIO: Amazon CloudFront Could Be the Ford Model T of Content Delivery

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: Old Media, New Media

Dec 2007 - ClickZ: Video Grabbing Apps May Cause Headaches for Media Firms and Advertisers

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: New on Google Video: YouTube Clips

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: TV Goes Online

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: Trying YouTube's Hottest Trick

Dec 2007 - Dan Rayburn's Blog Featured on TypePad's Homepage

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: Unveils

Dec 2007 - Top 5 Mistakes of Online Video Creators

Dec 2007 - NPR: Exploring TV's Takeoff on the Internet

Dec 2007 - Trend-Spotting at Streaming Media East

Dec 2007 - TV ABC.Com to Stream HD Video Online

Dec 2007 - IPTV Top 40 Movers and Shakers

Dec 2007 - E-Commerce Times: Live Earth Sets Net Record With 10 Million Live Streams

Dec 2007 - CDNetworks Pushes Into US

Dec 2007 - Limelight in Groundbreaking Deal with Microsoft

Dec 2007 - Ottawa Business Journal: Zipping up the online video rental market

Dec 2007 - iMedia Connection: Online Video Advertising's To-Do List

Dec 2007 - Broadcasting & Cable: Hulu, Early Reviews Positive for NBCU-News Corp. JV

Dec 2007 - Beet.TV: The Future of Online Video will be Dictated by the Carriers

Dec 2006 - Broadcasting & Cable: HBO's Digital Strategy?

Dec 2006 - Digital Video Takes the Leap

Dec 2006 - Neutrality Bill May Prove Weak

Dec 2006 - New Video Site Battles YouTube

Dec 2006 - Google Launches Paid Video Download Service

Dec 2006 - Microsoft Readies "Flash Attack" for the New Year

Dec 2006 - NHL scores YouTube deal

Dec 2006 - Broadcasting & Cable: Is There Cash in the Video Stream?

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